Women in Manufacturing




Women in Manufacturing

Here at SMe software, we think it’s important to dismantle stereotypes and misconceptions about the manufacturing industry. For example, we recently published an article debunking the oft repeated narrative that Midwestern manufacturers are a dying breed–and focused on the fact that the industry has actually been adding hundreds of thousands of jobs in that region ever since 2009. This week, we turn our attention to another group that is often overlooked: women in manufacturing.

By the numbers

According to The Manufacturing Institute, women currently make up roughly 27% of the manufacturing workforce. This indicates two facts: on the one hand, women are indeed playing some important roles in the industry, however there is still progress to be made. When one considers the fact that women comprise 47% of the overall workforce, it is obvious that the industry is probably missing out on both talent and an opportunity for more diversity. Women in Manufacturing™, a national organization dedicated to supporting, promoting, and inspiring women in the industry, reports that roughly 70% of its membership is in either executive or middle management positions, which shows that women do indeed play a very important role in the industry.

The changing times

The growing importance of women in the manufacturing industry is more than just a reflection of social progress–it also reflects the changing nature of the manufacturing industry itself. Whereas the industry was once dominated by manual labor jobs and a “boy’s club” attitude, it is increasingly more diverse, modern, and technology driven. This shift in attitude and strategy has helped spark the resurgence of modern American manufacturing, which (despite certain doom and gloom narratives) has been steadily growing for some years now. The future is bright, and SMe Software is ready to help usher in the new era of manufacturing with our cutting edge software and technology.