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Want to share your ideas about the manufacturing business or a related subject? Be a guest writer. Guest writers receive no monetary compensation from, however, they get to influence the manufacturing business by submitting articles based on their expert knowledge. Share your experience. Our readers are excited to read your independently written, unique article content that touches on topics of interest concerning manufacturing businesses and their related fields. Follow the instructions outlined below for article submission and approval to

What Should I Write About?

Manufacturing business owners need a combination of skills and expertise. Technical, interpersonal, and conceptual skills are necessary for any business owner. We at think articles written about manufacturing business owner’s interpersonal skills would be interesting. Specifically, articles about Team Building, Motivation and Conflict Management, Interest and Aptitude for Technology, Trust Building, Negotiation, Political and Cultural Awareness, Decision Making, Influencing, etc.

Articles about your specific service can be submitted, given they are indirectly speaking about your services in context. You have to explain how your services help business owners or those professionals who serve the manufacturing industry.

We’re looking for fresh ideas and new content to publish to if you have an idea feel free to share.

Submit Your Ideas

Contact us by email at marketing @ and recommend an issue, subject or topic and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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SMe Software Content Marketing Article Submission

ShopTalk Article Expectations

We are looking for quality articles that keep the reader engaged and provided valuable information. Excellent grammar aside, your article must be original and purposeful in content. If you can answer “Yes” to the questions below we can publish your original, purposeful content.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my article provide a specific tip, procedure or practice? Is the subject matter clear-cut and specific? Please avoid generalized topics and article writing.
  • Did I accurately explained the significance of my article?
  • Am I providing valuable information to the reader?
  • What supporting evidence did I use to prove my issue or enhance my topic to the reader? Statistics, references, studies, charts, peer-reviewed papers.
  • Is my writing presentation clear and concise? Does my article flow, attention-grabbing content, and easy to understand? Careful on the jargon and watch out, you don’t make it wordy, and the reader can’t follow along.­

Original content. Is the content of my article original? Is my content new information not available on the web? The content must be unique and not copied from a website, blog, or other media sources.  Article submissions must pass several plagiarism tests including

Submitted articles not written with excellent grammar will not be published.

Unethical content will NOT be published.’s strives to inspire productive conversations by way of our blog, through topics related to manufacturing and managing manufacturing businesses. does not accept articles, as deemed by the editor, that condone unethical business practices.

Article Requirements

Length: Minimum 600 words, we prefer more than 700 words

Keywords: Avoid keyword stuffing. Use your keyword in the title, first paragraph, and one sub-heading.

Format: Either Google Docs or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. Email your article as an attachment. We do not accept shared links to article submissions.

Links: External links: 1 – 3, to high ranking websites that are credible sources, and communicate about your content’s topic. Links on keywords, your customer’s site will not be published accepted.

Image: One high-resolution, 1920×1283 – or close – image that represents your article .jpeg or .png format Provide ALT text. Please don’t use the word picture or image in your ALT text.

Video: A YouTube video that reinforces the content’s topic

Author Bio and Personal Photo – Required

Author’s Bio: maximum 250 characters with two hyperlinks: one link to your social media or website, and one link to your customer’s site, if applicable.

Author’s Photo: a personal photo. No company or product logos will be accepted.

Final Approval

Once we have final approval on the article, a photo, the author bio, and photo: we’ll publish it on

We’ll email you the link to the published article for sharing on your website and social media site: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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