The Importance of Small and Medium Size Manufacturers in The United States



The Importance of Small and Medium Sizes Manufacturers in The United States

For those outside the industry, the term “manufacturing” may bring to mind large factories and big corporations. In reality, there are over a quarter million manufacturers in the US that employ 500 workers or less! These small to mid-sized manufacturers build a diverse array of goods and materials ranging from aerospace technology to medical equipment, and virtually everything in between.  

The benefits of small manufacturing

As the numbers listed above demonstrate, small manufacturing is a crucial piece of the US economy. In addition to creating many jobs and building important products, small manufacturers are especially important because they benefit local economies. Additionally, the local nature of production reduces the need for overseas shipping, which contributes to a greener, more sustainable world.

The challenges of small manufacturing

One challenge that small and medium-sized manufacturers face is competition from bigger operations. Because of the “economy of scale,” big corporations have an advantage in terms of efficiency. In order for smaller companies to stay competitive, efficiency must be fostered as much as possible.  

A solution made especially for small manufacturers

SMe Software is a Manufacturing Management Software company with nearly 30 years of experience. In addition to general ERP tools, we also offer specialized programs to meet the needs of companies across a variety of industries. Possible features include:

  • processing and management
  • estimates
  • sales order software
  • bill of materials
  • inventory tracking and management
  • ERP and MRP systems
  • scheduling and tracking software
  • real-time shop floor tracking
  • accounting and financial management
  • Much more!

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In today’s competitive market, small manufacturers can’t afford to sacrifice efficiency and accuracy in their data management. That’s why investing in SMARTer software is so important!