Job Shop Scheduling Software 



One of the biggest logistical challenges facing job shop manufacturers is scheduling. Because job shops handle customized orders, no two jobs are ever exactly the same. This means that the materials needed for each and every job will be slightly (or very) different. It means that the quantity of products needed will vary from job to job. And it means that the timeframe during which each and every job must be completed will also change based upon each individual order. All of this adds up to a sizable managerial challenge–and that challenge is compounded when multiple orders must be processed at once. Even many small to medium-sized job shops frequently handle dozens–if not hundreds of orders from distinct clients at once, which means that careful planning is a must.


The consequences of poor planning can be costly–both in terms of financial loss, and in terms of reputation. Surprisingly, however, many successful job shops have not invested thoroughly in software that can make job scheduling and planning more straightforward and less prone to human error. Instead, it is very common in the industry to see “legacy” programs being used. In other words, many job shops still use the same scheduling software (or, in many cases, the same Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) that they have been using for years.


There are two main reasons why job shops fail to invest in the proper scheduling software. The first reason is, as you may expect, finances. Many job shops worry that purchasing modern software for their companies will be a large expense. This is unfortunate because job shop scheduling software can actually be surprisingly affordable. Other companies realize that job shop scheduling software is a good investment, but fear that the process of integrating such software will be long and painful. That’s why SMe Software offers technical support through every stage of implementation, helping our clients achieve the success they deserve. To learn more about our manufacturing management software, visit SMe Software online!

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