Mold, Plastic and Injection Manufacturing


Mold, Plastic and Injection Manufacturing

Mold, Plastic and Injection Manufacturing molding is the process by which a material is sculpted using a mold. The material in a soft or liquid form is pushed into a mold through a needle or nozzle and left to harden in the shape of the mold. This process is used for a variety of products and can include a wide variety of materials. The most common materials used are metals and, in particular—likely because it is one of the easiest materials to mold and cast–plastic. Metal and plastic parts generally include car parts, replaceable parts for machinery, toys, packaging and a wide variety of other commonplace consumer goods. The same technique is implemented in the creation of some foods.

The process: before, during and after injection manufacturing molding

The first step in designing an injection mold is designing the shape and function of the final product and deciding which component parts will have to be molded. Then the molds themselves are designed and prototypes are drawn up, typically using computer-modeling software. Once the molds have been designed, then the actual process of using them begins. The material to be molded—let’s say plastic for example—is heated until it is in liquid form. Then it is injected into the mold and left to cool, until it has taken the desired form, and is then removed for use. Many plastics are designed chemically not to melt again after they have cooled and taken their desired form.

Using software in the design and creation of moulds and products

Design software is a necessity in the world of injection manufacturing, in order to be sure that products are made to the highest standards, as quickly as possible, and with the greatest functionality. This is because the process is inherently a very precise one—extremely sensitive in terms of both shape and timeframe. Manufacturing business software also plays an important role in nearly every aspect of the manufacturing process–from scheduling, to shop floor control, to financials. Thankfully, there are affordable software solutions out there that can help your business achieve its goals with the utmost efficiency. Visit SMe Software online today to learn more about what we can do for your business.