3 Critical Solutions Offered by SMe Software



Here at SMe Software, we pride ourselves in helping small and medium-sized manufacturing companies improve their efficiency and overall function with our unique and carefully designed programs. With nearly thirty years of experience in the industry, we have tailored our programs to suit the needs of all types of manufacturing organizations. From aerospace manufacturing to health and medical device manufacturers, and everything in between, SMe software has the solution. If you believe that your manufacturing business could benefit from software that facilitates more accurate and efficient management, we highly encourage you to contact an SMe representative to discuss the exact solution that your business may need. This article will provide a brief overview of the three most valuable solutions that we offer; however, we understand that every business is different. Your needs will vary depending on your situation.


  1. ERP. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of management program that businesses in many diverse industries utilize. Its aim is to consolidate and organize various functions involving human resources, marketing, production, and more. By using an integrated database, information, and management systems, all processes become more efficient. We believe that ERP is especially important for manufacturing companies because manufacturing is such a competitive industry in which efficiency and accuracy can make or break companies.


  1. Material requirements planning (MRP) is a similar concept to that of ERP. If technology systems can are used to integrate back office functions, why not control production planning, scheduling, and inventory under a consolidated system as well?


  1. Manufacturing, Accounting, and Financials. Though many ERP systems are equipped to help with accounting, our financial program is exceptionally complete and designed with manufacturing companies’ needs in mind.


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