How to Foster Customer Satisfaction 


How to foster customer satisfaction

A common business challenge is how to foster customer satisfaction. Making your customers happy with the product you offer is the best way to be sure that they continue patronizing your business. It is also the best way to ensure that they provide you with excellent references. In today’s world, where the Internet allows for information about customer experiences to be shared and valued now more than ever, customer satisfaction is of particular importance. Here are a few of the most important factors that determine customer satisfaction.


Quality. The number one metric that helps predict customer satisfaction is quality. Regardless of how affordable your product was, regardless of how quickly you delivered it–no one is going to choose your business if you do not offer a great product. Conversely, customers tend to be extra forgiving of other shortcomings when they are happy with the final product.

Price. Quality is usually judged against price, however. Obviously, the higher the price you ask for, the more customers are going to expect. Make sure that you price yourself into the right market for success.

Communication. Stay in close communication with your client–especially if something goes wrong. It is far better, to be honest about an unfortunate situation than to ignore it and hope it goes unnoticed. SMARTer Manager’s real-time tracking wizard allows you to track your entire shop floor so you can predict a failure before it happens.

On-Time Delivery. Especially in the manufacturing business, there are many clients whose orders are very time sensitive. Delivering your products by the date and time that you promised is paramount. You need to know where the job is, who’s on the job, and if the material has been received to finish the job, these are necessary to increase or meet your on-time deliveries. Implementing a scheduling and tracking software system answers those questions.

Responsiveness. How flexible is your company regarding accommodating special orders? If you can help customers out by designing something that is special to them, they are likely to walk away very content.


Manufacturing management software can help you build, schedule, and track more efficiently, thus increasing your capability to provide high-quality products at an affordable price. Visit us online for more information!