7 Benefits of Barcodes 


7 benefits of barcodes

Are you considering implementing barcode technology in your business? Since its inception in the early 70’s, barcodes have become nearly ubiquitous in many areas of retail, distribution, and, of course, manufacturing. Here are a few ways that using barcodes could help make your business more efficient.


  1. Eliminate the possibility of human error. Using barcode technology for data input reduces the risk of an employee accidentally issuing the wrong stock, incorrectly logging time against a job, and guarantees accurate inventory levels along with actual job costs tracked correctly. Scanning helps prevent human input mistakes that would otherwise be very costly and very time-consuming to correct.
  1. Reduce training time. Inputting data via a barcode scanner is much simpler and more universal than learning a particular data entry system, point, and click. The employee does not have to be readily efficient in maneuvering the system which makes training employees faster and more efficient.
  1. Be Versatile. Barcodes can be used to keep track of many distinct types of information–making them a powerful and customizable tool that can fit the needs of virtually any workplace.
  1. Always Adapt. Adding to the point about versatility barcodes can be adapted even after they are implemented thus enabling companies to seek newer and more efficient ways of measuring data without drastically changing their existing systems.
  1. Inexpensive. The cost of printing a barcode is virtually nil–and, apart from the initial upfront investment of purchasing and implementing a barcode system, there is almost no downside to using barcode technology.
  1. Instant data input and retrieval. Barcodes are one of the fastest ways to input large amounts of relevant data, or in the instance of inventory, using the barcode pick list issues the correct material to the right job, and inventory is automatically updated. They can save employees enormous amounts of time–and, therefore, they can save employers money.
  1. Better inventory control. Especially when combined with an advanced and logical inventory management system, barcodes can help companies keep better track of their inventory.


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