What is Manufacturing Management Software?


What is Manufacturing Management Software?

For most business owners who are looking to upgrade their information management, ERP software is the first piece of technology that comes to mind.  This is a logical association–after all, ERP is the foundation of information management for businesses across a wide variety of industries.  It is designed to store, integrate, organize, and share information related to the basic operations of a business in one comprehensive database–thus improving efficiency, accuracy, and communication between departments.  There are even ERP systems produced specifically for various industries that incorporate special features unique to said companies.  Manufacturing Management Software builds upon the concept of integrated information, and incorporates a number of other important manufacturing software programs in order to create one comprehensive system responsive to all the most pressing needs of a manufacturing company.  Here at SMe Software, we produce manufacturing management software designed specifically for small to medium-sized businesses in sectors such as aerospace, electronics, medical manufacturing, and more.  The following list will give you a basic idea of the numerous functions that our manufacturing management system performs:

  • Store, organize, and share important data about clients, production, accounting, and more.
  • Process orders and communicate directly with production
  • Real time production floor management
  • Control and track shipping
  • Material Requirements Planning (also known as MRP–in other words, track both production and inventory.)
  • Calculate Payroll
  • Estimate costs and income
  • Much more

What are the benefits and challenges of Manufacturing Management Software?

Manufacturing management software is designed to help organizations run as one cohesive unit by integrating all relevant information and data.  This eliminates the time consuming and disorganized process of having each department do their own data entry and control–therefore lowering costs while increasing efficiency.  The main challenge regarding such systems is implementation–the initial period during which making the big switch to manufacturing management software can be rather hectic.  That’s why SMe Software offers a support team that is trained and experienced in facilitating such transitions.

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