Learn about the past, present, and future of robotics technology and ERP in the manufacturing sector.

A brief history of robotics in manufacturing

When Henry Ford’s first assembly line began running on December 1st, 1913, the world of manufacturing changed forever.  As the wild success that the Ford Motor Company enjoyed would soon attest, the increased efficiency and reduced labor cost associated with the compartmentalization of production was virtually unstoppable. Then, in 1961, another auto company–General Motors–made an equally revolutionary leap for the world of manufacturing.  That year, GM introduced Unimate–a 4000 pound robotic arm that automated processes such as pouring liquid metal, welding, and moving heavy objects.  This tool allowed General Motors to enjoy increasing success because it virtually eliminated a number of tasks that were time consuming, difficult, and sometimes even dangerous.   It thus allowed General Motors to focus its human workers on tasks that required creativity and adaptability.

Robotics today

Nowadays, robots are more important than ever for the manufacturing sector–carrying out an impressively diverse array of tasks with breathtaking speed and efficiency. That fact has driven a steadily growing robotics industry, as manufacturers understand the invaluable benefits that eliminating uncreative, inefficient, time-consuming tasks can offer.

Robotics and ERP

ERP software has played a crucial role in optimizing the management of data, production, shipping, and a number of other processes in manufacturing companies of all sizes and kinds–especially companies that rely on robotics, as those companies tend to emphasis the importance of efficiency and smart allocation of labor resources.  In fact, this points to a broader parallel that can be drawn between robotics and ERP software: just read that last sentence of the “Robotics today” paragraph one more time.  “manufacturers understand the invaluable benefits that eliminating uncreative, inefficient, time-consuming tasks can offer.”  Robotics and ERP alike drive success in the modern world because they allow workers to focus on quality and innovation rather than on mundane tasks.

Investing in ERP

If your manufacturing company utilizes robotics, you owe it to yourself and to your employees to apply the same smart efficiency to the way your company handles information.  SMe Software and the SMARTer Manager system can help you do just that.  Contact us today for more information. Sales Number: 877-762-7766 x111