Resolve to Deliver On-Time in 2017 


Resolve to Deliver On-Time in 2017 

Any experienced business owner in the manufacturing industry will tell you: on-time delivery is one of the most important elements of fostering high customer satisfaction. Moreover, virtually any business owner anywhere will tell you that customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in determining whether or not you will see referrals, repeat business, and good references.


In theory, every manufacturing company out there plans for on-time delivery. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can alter such plans all too quickly. Whether caused by inefficiency in operations or by inaccuracies in the scheduling process, late delivery tends to crop up when business owners least expect it–and the results can be a customer-relations nightmare


Thankfully, there are concrete steps that any manufacturing company can take to ensure that such errors do not occur. As mentioned above, late delivery tends to stem from either an unexpected inefficiency or from poor scheduling processes. In many cases, it is possible to explicitly address the root causes of these problems, rather than devoting large amounts of time, money, and resources to firefighting the symptoms.


A few common causes of these problems include:

  • Poor communication between team members or departments.
  • Inefficient manufacturing processes are leading to slower-than-expected completion.
  • Technical or user errors in scheduling software.
  • Trouble adjusting to an unusually small-scale or large-scale request.
  • Project overload


One of the best ways to address all of these problems at once is through improving the company-wide organization. By facilitating better record keeping and smarter automated operations, you can ensure that communication, efficiency, and adaptability are maximized while minimizing technical errors. Because your team will work more cohesively and productively, your company will also have a much higher threshold for work capacity, making an overload far less likely.


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