Manufacturers Returning to America


I was reading an article today from the U.S. Bank, interestingly enough, about a meeting that took place between more than 750 manufacturing executives at The Manufacturing for Growth (MFG) meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Their objective? To discuss the shift in positive momentum that is taking place in the manufacturing industry. It seems the majority in attendance agree that the “prospects are positive for American Manufacturing.”

Another interesting tidbit of information that I came away with from the article is that one of the biggest trends and a reason for optimism is how manufacturers who are bringing their businesses back to the United States are helping the manufacturing industry recover quicker than the rest of the economy.

It seems that the cost of manufacturing abroad has increased while costs have pretty much remained the same in the U.S., which is bringing manufacturing companies back to the United States.

Please take a look at the rest of the article by clicking here. It’s an excellent read.

Troy Martz