When in Rome: Why Small and Medium Sized Businesses Must Keep Up with the Times


When in Rome Why Small and Medium Sized Businesses Must Keep Up with the Times

The Houston Chronicle reports that one of the main disadvantages faced by small businesses is the fact that they oftentimes do not have the “advanced technology” possessed by their larger competitors.  Using sub-par technology hurts efficiency, lowers customer satisfaction, and can lead to inaccurate record keeping–all of which can ultimately have a negative effect on the bottom line.

Think of it this way: The Model T Ford was a great car. It performed exactly as its designers intended. However, in today’s world, it cannot compete. Though it could certainly bring you to your destination, it would take an enormous investment of time just to complete a simple task. You would be outperformed by any modern car, and your productivity and efficiency would be unacceptably low.  If you attempted to use that car for professional purposes, you would quickly lose your job and be replaced with someone more useful.

Unfortunately, many small businesses still try to use “Model T” level technology to compete with modernized businesses that use “2015 Corvette” level technology. When in Rome, one must do as the Romans do. (Or else risk being outperformed by Roman industry!)  This technological discrepancy is perhaps most apparent when it comes to information management.  

Many small to mid-sized manufacturers, for example, still use woefully antiquated software.  In many cases, each department has its own system for recording and managing information.  It is equally common to see businesses where one individual employee is responsible for managing a non-standardized record-keeping system.  Both of these systems are fundamentally flawed because they rely on individual knowledge that can walk out the door at any moment.  With a uniform, automated information system efficiency and accuracy and guaranteed regardless of circumstance.  

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