5 Tips for Smooth ERP Implementation 



The early days of ERP implementation can present something of a frustrating paradox for business owners and employees alike. The basics design of ERP software is efficiency, continuity, and ease-of-use, yet the challenges of adapting to a new system can bring about a short-term dip in productivity. Of course, the long-term ROI on such adaptations is well documented, and most business owners understand that the challenges are well worth it in the long run. The question, therefore, is how to best ‘survive’ this transition. Here are five tips that can help make the switch to new ERP as cost efficient and as user-friendly as possible.


  1. Explain why the company chose the implementation of ERP. Directly managing work ethic and emotions is important when it comes to implementing new systems. Many employees, especially long-time employees, may be set in their ways and reluctant to make a change–so it is important that you make it clear that ERP will eventually be more efficient and easier to use.


  1. Monitor progress. Measure results so that you can respond to any potential trouble. Staying on task is easy when you follow the implementation chart we provide and a communication exchange representative assigned to your company will guide you through the process beyond your go-live date.


  1. Prioritize training. Although the challenges of customer service, production, and day to day operations will always be central, training must be made a top priority and completed according to the timeline created at the beginning of the implementation. It is better to devote a short amount of time to intensive training than to have inefficient and incomplete knowledge of the system dragging on for months. Implementation is made easy with SMe; you will know the amount of time from purchasing the software to the go-live from the beginning.


  1. Use several training techniques. Everyone learns differently–accommodating different learning styles will make the process faster and more painless for everyone. SMe Software’s approach includes hands-on, study guides, and live instruction with complete interaction during the training phase. Our training is continual for continuous process improvement customized for your facility.


  1. Establish a core group of trainees. Choose a small number of people to receive extra-intensive training, (perhaps even focusing for a few days exclusively on learning the functions of the system that pertains to the department they represent) who can then serve as mentors for everyone else.


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