An ERP Implementation Q&A 


ERP Implementation


For many small and medium-sized manufacturing shops, the need for modern ERP software is quite clear: Unfortunately, the downside of ERP Implementation is also quite tangible. Business owners know that any change in operations–as profitable a move as it may be–is by definition going to bring with it some growing pains. Although the ultimate goal of an ERP system is to stimulate productivity, efficiency, and accuracy, it is inevitable that the early stages of implementation bring about an adverse impact on those same factors.


As logical as these anxieties may be, a switch to smart ERP systems is a necessity in today’s market: with so much competition both domestically and locally, efficiency is an actual necessity for those who wish to stay in business. Here is a brief rundown of some common implementation questions and answers.


How Long Does ERP Implementation Typically Take?

Implementation timeframe estimates vary wildly: attaining optimal use of a new ERP could anywhere between a couple of months and a couple of years. Instead of trying to give a “one-size-fits-all answer,” we instead invite you to consider the following aspects of your business, keeping in mind the way that these factors could impact implementation time:


  • Company size
  • Number of locations
  • Complexity of current ERP system
  • Level of customization needed
  • Company/leadership experiences with similar changes


What factors affect ROI?

Below, we list a few of the most common ways that a better ERP system can improve your bottom line. The more profound your need for the following elements, the more you stand to benefit from implementing new ERP software.


  • Reduced shortages and interruptions.
  • Smarter procurement and payment protocols.
  • Smarter management of staff, resources, and overtime.
  • Better customer relationships.
  • Lower administrative, regulatory, and compliance costs.


Where can I turn to for ERP Implementation Support?

If you choose SMe Software’s state of the art ERP program for manufacturers, you will have the support of our expert team as we guide you through each and every step of the way.