Master Production Scheduling (MPS) 



Master production scheduling is one of the most vital functions that each and every manufacturing company must perform. In the old days, such work was managed painstakingly through the manual collection, analysis, and implementation of information using paperwork and physical record books. Then, as computers took on an increasingly important role in the world economy, manufacturers eventually changed their master scheduling systems to take advantage of this helpful new technology.


It is worth noting, ridiculous as it may seem today,  which many companies were reluctant to make this change because they feared the growing pains of such a move, and felt that there was no reason to mess with a system that was working perfectly fine.


Today, the industry finds itself in a surprisingly parallel situation. Despite the clear advantages that new and improved master scheduling programs offer for manufacturing companies of all sizes, many manufacturing companies balk at the concept of investing the time and money necessary to switch over. Because of this hesitation, many manufacturing companies (even, ironically, many manufacturing companies in very high tech industries) continue using technologically inferior software systems for master production scheduling.


The Challenges of Integrating New Master Production Scheduling Software


The hesitation by many manufacturing companies to adopt new scheduling software is not completely unfounded. A few of the challenges this process poses include:

  • The up-front price of software
  • The cost of training employees how to use such software
  • The opportunity cost associated with less efficiency when learning MPS software.


Why Modern Master Production Scheduling is Worth It

  • Increases company’s ability to adapt to peaks and slow seasons without waste or inefficiency.
  • Reduces lead time year round
  • MPS software allows for more accurate estimation of cost, material needs, and delivery date.
  • Assists prioritization of manufacturing processes.


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