Manufacturing by Industry: Electronics


Manufacturing by Industry: Electronics

Electronics manufacturing encompasses a wide variety of productions–from optoelectronics to circuit boards, and everything in between.  Though the industry is diverse and multi-faceted, one constant is important for all types of business: smart, efficient management.

The SMARTer Manager system can help!

SMe Software has been helping small to medium-sized manufacturing businesses manage their resources, information, and production ever since being founded in 2001—and many SMe developers and customer support representatives have been working together as part of the same team since 1987. For electronics manufacturing companies in particular, SMe Software can help make your manufacturing life a whole lot easier.  After all, important functions such as integrating informational systems, implementing production-floor controls, and connection customers straight to production can all be performed using our software.  

Making the big switch

Of course, it would be unwise to discount the inconveniences of “switching over” from old informational systems to new ERP software.  This is, in fact, one of the main concerns that businesses share when they consider adopting our system.  It is certainly necessary to plan ahead for a slight dip in efficiency during an initial period of adaptation; however, in the long run, the benefits outway the temporary inconveniences by a wide margin.  Many businesses see an increase in efficiency within a few months of adapting ERP software.

Analyzing the costs and the benefits

Every business is unique, and it is therefore difficult to make sweeping generalizations about the cost/benefit ratio involved in adopting our software.  However, there are a few observations we can offer.  First of all, even though prices vary depending on factors such as business size and exact industry, SMe software is committed to offering quality at an affordable price.  Secondly, considering the competitive nature of the manufacturing industry, any increase in efficiency is probably worth the investment–and that is especially true when it comes to technology as commonplace as ERP software.  Finally, not only does ERP software lower costs–it can also help lower your personal stress, as it makes managing a number of functions much simpler.

Get SMART(er!)

Are you ready to improve productivity and efficiency while boosting your company’s bottom line?  Contact SMe Software today for more information–we even offer a free demo!