Build to Stock Manufacturing and ERP


Build to Stock Manufacturing and ERP

In today’s world, nearly all manufacturers use some sort of ERP system–regardless of whether that company tends to build to order, or build to stock.  However, there are a few special reasons why build-to stock-manufacturers should consider investing in a state of the art ERP system.  This article will cover a few of the most important factors to consider.

Take control of all available data

Because of the extremely important role that data plays for build-to-stock based companies, however, ERP systems are especially crucial to such businesses.  After all, decisions regarding future production tend to be based upon historical trends and seasonal demand. A business that produces a surplus can be left with unsellable, obsolete products; and a company that produces too little risks lowering their bottom line in a very frustrating fashion. ERP systems help consolidate data about marketing, sales, production etc. into one integrated system–which helps the process of informed decision making.

Production Floor Management

In addition to this analytical importance, however, many build-to-order companies also stand to benefit from certain production floor management features, such as those offered by SMe Software.  Because build-to-stock companies tend to deal with higher volume, it’s especially important to make sure that orders are carried out correctly.  Our shop floor system is designed to keep all employees up to speed with real time evaluation, management, tracking, and reporting tools.  

Increased Efficiency

Last but certainly not least, all manufacturers can benefit from the increased efficiency that smart (and, more specifically, SMARTer!) technology can offer.  Though “switchovers” from outdated legacy ERP systems to new, state of the art technology can sometimes be a deterrent for otherwise ambitious businesses, SMe software has a specialized team in place to help businesses make the transition–and considering the time, money, and effort that ERP can save, the decision is truly a no brainer! Make a SMARTer move and contact us today for more information.