Manufacturing and Engineering Software: Tips for Smooth Implementation


Manufacturing and Engineering Software: Tips for Smooth Implementation

Speaking with small business owners across the manufacturing industry, an important truth comes to light: even though nearly all businesses understand the importance of modern, integrated information systems, a great deal of business owners hesitate because they worry about the process of integration.  Sure, ERP software, MRP technology, and similar systems can improve efficiency and productivity–the data is there and it’s indisputable.  But data also shows that the early days of implementation can be very chaotic–and can even witness a reverse effect, wherein a business decreases efficiency and productivity until all the kinks have been worked out.  This is (understandably) rather worrisome for some business owners, however it is unfortunate that some people are completely turned away from the many benefits of manufacturing software simply because of the potential for implementation woes.  After all, the science of systems implementation has come a long way over the past few years; and perhaps even more importantly, SMe Software offers specialized assistance and oversight for the implementation process.  Though nothing can compare to the peace of mind that our round-the-clock expert assistance can provide, we’d like to offer a few implementation tips as a short preview:

  • Plan ahead.  Here at SMe Software, we pride ourselves in facilitating a short and sweet implementation process.  That being said, it’s not something to be jumped into overnight.  Make sure that all your employees know that a change is coming, and prepare you place of business is ready for the change as well.
  • Make sure your hardware is compatible and meets specifications.  Tying into that last point, make sure that the computers you use are sophisticated enough for the software you plan to implement.
  • Appoint team leaders. Find employees who are particularly good with technology and who tend to be outgoing and influential–and nominate them to be leaders on the implementation process.  If you employees have someone to go to when they need assistance, their morale will remain much higher.
  • Pay attention to feedback. Finding the right customization for your software solutions is always important–and your employees may very well have lots of valid suggestions to make.  Trust your team and they will reward you for it!

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