3 Common Challenges in Inventory Management



Inventory management represents one of the most important–and, oftentimes, most challenging–administrative aspects of manufacturing. Inefficiencies, and inaccuracies in inventory management can be quite costly and time-consuming to set right, which underscores the importance of ensuring that everything runs smoothly. In the modern economy, manufacturing companies must remain on the cutting edge in order to stay competitive: and this in a prime reason why inventory management software is more popular now than ever. If your company has struggled with the challenges presented by inventory management–or if you simply feel that more efficiency is possible–then it is time to consider investing in an integrated inventory management solution. Here are three of the most common challenges that small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses face:

Common Challenges

1. Oversells.

A company that makes more sales than there are products available has committed the mistake of overselling. This can cause a major embarrassment at best–and, in many cases, it can also drive clients to seek a new manufacturing business to work with. An oversale also generally necessitates the rapid production of more products–which can be quite costly and disruptive in its own right.

2. Running out of Stock.

In other cases, manufacturing companies are fortunate enough to realize that they have run out of stock, and therefore put a hold on making more sales until stock has been replenished. Although this is less damaging and costly than an oversell, it still means lost opportunity and a potential blemish on your reputation.

3. Managing People and Space.

Taking full advantage of your warehouse space requires careful management of both your employees and your space. A mismanagement of either of these key components can result in inadequate storage space, and/or improperly stored materials.

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