3 Financial Pain Points in the Manufacturing Industry 



Financial pain points for manufacturers: Managing finances in the manufacturing industry can easily be one of the most complex and time-consuming aspects of running a small to medium sized manufacturing company. This includes, of course, the big financial picture: ensuring that the company is efficient, profitable, and poised for both short and long-term success.

As busy business owners know, it also includes a plethora of menial tasks that can absorb time and energy that would be better spent on more important subjects. Examples of this include filing payroll, composing and sending invoices, generating financial reports, etc. Although these tasks are certainly important, they do not necessarily represent the best use of time for a busy business owner–and handling such tasks manually can even increase the likelihood for costly errors and inaccuracies.

For all these reasons, a growing number of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies are now choosing to automate and integrate these functions with the use of financial  management software. Here are 3 financial pain points that can be addressed through such software.


Payroll. Completing payroll accurately and on-time is a must. Failure to do so can lower employee morale, and even cause hefty fines to be leveraged by the IRS. Unfortunately, the time, energy, and attentiveness needed to complete payroll–even for a business with relatively few employees–can be costly in its own right. This is why so many businesses choose to invest in payroll software.

Invoicing. Drafting, formatting, and sending invoices is another time-consuming job that generally falls upon busy business leaders whose time could be better spent. Of course, accuracy is also important in invoicing: an inaccurate invoice can result in a being paid less than you deserve and rupture trust from clients. Financial software can make this process easy and accurate.

Reporting. Finally, it is important for business leaders to be able to see financial information laid out in a clear, integrated, and easy-to-understand format, and to be able to quickly generate relevant financial reports. Financial software can complete these reporting tasks that may otherwise require hours of manual work.


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