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ERP Software Implementation:

When and how to successfully implement with an ERP Consultant


ERP Needs – Identifying needs within your manufacturing process are one of the first steps in ERP implementation planning and that can be resolved through the implementation of ERP software or better yet a Manufacturing Management Software that brings all the pieces of ERP, MRP, financials, inventory control and more together. Can SMe Software help by being your ERP Consultant? We can. ERP Software implementation is just one of the services we offer.

Yes, we develop an ERP application, (manufacturing management software as we refer to the advanced solution) but we’ve stood in the position of ERP consultant for many small to mid-size manufacturing businesses for years. We can help you identify the best level enterprise system for your needs. If it doesn’t fit we don’t want to wear it. There have been times we’ve suggested another enterprise system because it was a better fit for the immediate needs of a business, that’s the job of an honest ERP consultant.

smarter manager erp implementation
Implement your ERP/MMS solution with a SMARTer consultant.

On Time  – With SMe Software, Inc. we take care of the On Time by providing a timeline of ERP implementation for every customer so you don’t have to worry about whether you’ll meet the deadline or milestone. As ERP consultants, we communicate to the whole team so everyone knows what the next step is and make sure that everyone understands the who, where, what and when.

On Task  – Staying on task is easy with our ERP consultant approach to the implementation strategy. We’ll meet and designate a contact(s) from both teams to keep the communication open while implementing SMARTer Manager, enterprise software solutions. Your choice of ERP software vendor should always be the one that can function as an ERP consultant to make sure the tasks are completed on time and efficiently.

On Budget – Once the budget has been set SMe Software will never exceed the budget and with SMARTer Manager there aren’t any additional module costs during the implementation. We’re here to build long-term relationships and believe that an erp software budget shouldn’t be made of elastic but should stick like Velcro. Not like other ERP software vendors or ERP consultants.

Measure – As we move together through the full implementation of SMARTer Manager as your ERP software it’ll be easy to measure the success because we’ve already set the standard before diving into the enterprise system. ERP was invented as an enterprise system that measured all aspects of a manufacturing business and placed the information in one easy to use ERP software package; we’re still doing just that.

smarter manager implementation specialist
Choosing the right implementation specialist clears the clutter.

Manage – Our Team is On Your Team isn’t just a marketing slogan. As time progresses and your company becomes more proficient and grows we’ll be there to help manage your needs. As your ERP implementation consultant during the implementation of SMARTer Manager, enterprise system, it is our job to make sure that you can effectively manage the data that has been measured.

It doesn’t cost money, only time to talk with one of our ERP consultants today and let’s figure out together if SMARTer Manager is the right choice for your enterprise system. ERP Software since 1987.

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