The Impact of Workflow Automation on Business Performance

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Workflow Automation and productivity - SMARTer Manager software

Workflow automation according to Blue source is about streamlining and automating business processes, supplier orders and expense. Everyone can create a workflow regardless of technical expertise or the task at hand. Workflow automation helps companies become productive by integrating content, empowering employees and improving processes and woocommerce smart coupons. Many companies use workflow system to streamline their business and improve services.

Impact of workflow tools are:

  1. Workflow tools reduce manual entry and request handling. They speed up and streamline internal processes.
  2. Workflow tools reduce error.
  3. It leads to a reduction in the risks of improperly approve request.
  4. Workflow tools increase output and productivity.
  5. Workflow tools create a unified and personalized experience for employees.
  6. Workflow tools aid in real-time request status tracking.
  7. Workflow tools show performance trends over time.
  8. License overhead for enterprise systems such as ERP and CRM are reduced by workflow tools.
  9. Workflow tools monitor team progress against Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  10. Workflow tools help find and remove process barriers and bottlenecks.
  11. With workflow tools, there is proper alignment between tasks and skillsets.
  12. Workflow tools cut paperwork, cost, and waste.
  13. Workflow tools cut manual decision-making.

According to Atkinson and Lam, Workflow automation is useful and leads to increased control by managers. Workflow automation also decreases social interaction in an organization. Peter Kueng said that workflow automation leads to an increase in job satisfaction. He also found that workflow systems may lead to a dis-empowerment of management.

Workflow automation can impact an organization in communication, collaboration, coordination of tasks, productivity, knowledge and learning. Workflow systems can positively change the culture of an organization by improving quality, flexibility and customer orientation. Though workflow systems result in high cost; it is worth it as it improves business performance.

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Workflow automation makes sure that crucial features are delivered quickly. It overhauls core processes, improves productivity and enhances business productivity

Workflow software tools replace emails, spreadsheets and paperwork with an automated series of tasks that are approved or disapproved by an employee. With workflow software tools, staffs have time to do strategic and valuable tasks. Employees who make requests get complete visibility into their request status, an easier quicker method of making a request, better data accuracy and faster turnaround time for requests.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) aid in manufacturing decision-making. It enables the control of personnel, machines, inputs and support services. MES application also aids in process analysis, material traceability, quality improvement and change management. MES is the next step in automation. MES consists of a relational database management system (RDBMS), CIM interfaces, a document management system and computer-aided systems engineering (CASE). MES optimizes the manufacturing process on a real-time basis

To carry out an MES application you need strategic planning. You need to:

  1. Have a business case analysis. Know why you need an MES.
  2. Involve MES consultants.
  3. Discuss the MES feature scope with al involved in the process.
  4. Develop user requirements.
  5. Identify software and a vendor.
  6. Determine the feasibility of MES functionality.
  7. Prepare gap analysis with earlier and new external interfaces.
  8. Validate the MES application in a test environment.
  9. Monitor the MES application and fix all issues.

Reasons for MES failures include:

  1. No commitment from management.
  2. Having unrealistic expectations.
  3. Not involving the right people in all aspects of the business.
  4. Lack of internal IT systems.
  5. Unstructured production processes.
  6. Lack of training.
  7. Unexpected change in management.
  8. Resistance from floor users.
  9. Using wrong MES software.

The easiest return on investment (ROI) for workflow automation is it saves cost and time, there are efficiency gains and customer satisfaction. Workflow automation improves disaster recovery through automated processes.

According to Malcolm Forbes, “The best vision is insight”. Businesses need to work smarter not harder. Businesses need to save time, cut cost, increase accuracy and ensure compliance. Businesses need to use workflow automation to improve business performance. To increase productivity every business needs to cut cost. Workflow automation can save your system from potential disaster, human error or system damage. It can handle tasks intelligently.

Healthcare providers and pharmaceuticals can use workflow automation to transform administrative operations. Government agencies use workflow automation to accelerate operations. Insurance companies and banks use workflow automation to create operational efficiency and improve customer experience.  Workflow automation are also necessary for your mix and match woocommerce websites.

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A successful workflow system implementation requires a committed management, essential communication and end-user participation.

The Impact of Workflow Automation on Business Performance
Article Name
The Impact of Workflow Automation on Business Performance
A successful workflow system implementation requires committed management, essential communication, and end-user participation.
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