Machine Shop Manufacturing



Machine shop manufacturing is an umbrella term that covers many different manufacturers of many different products. There are, however, two basic characteristics that all machine shops share:


  • Machine Shop Manufacturing is Subtractive Manufacturing. It refers to the process of cutting or otherwise removing material in order to obtain a workable product.
  • Machine Shop Manufacturing is, (straightforwardly enough), done with the help of machines—as opposed to subtractive manufacturing that is done with handheld tools.


As Industry Week points out, understanding the definitions of different types of manufacturing matters. These definitions influence the thinking of leaders in the business and lawmaking communities, and these ideas will eventually influence the everyday business of manufacturers of all sizes.

In addition to these defining factors of machine shop manufacturing, there are a few other facts and generalizations regarding machine shop manufacturing that are worth keeping in mind.

  • Machine Shop manufacturing is performed in nearly all sectors of the manufacturing industry—from aerospace manufacturing to the production of medical equipment, and everything in between.
  • Machine Shop manufacturing is not defined by materials—it encompasses the subtractive manufacturing of metals, wood, plastic, ceramics, fabrics, and any other solid material that may be used in manufacturing.
  • Machine Shops are frequently (but not always) automated in some capacity. The use of robots in Machine shop manufacturing has skyrocketed in recent years.
  • Another important influence of new technology: machine shop manufacturing frequently makes use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC.) CNC refers to the computerized calculations that allow for ultra-precision in measuring and cutting of materials.


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