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Scheduling Brochure

Manufacturing Scheduling Software

SMARTer Manager's™ Scheduling and Tracking Software is easily one of the most powerful tools available for capacity planning for any manufacturing environment.

Scheduling and Tracking software for manufacturing

If you're determined to maximize the resource capacity of your facility, this robust master schedule application will exceed your needs.

With smart Capacity Planning and Scheduling software, anything you want to schedule can be scheduled. Simply define it as a resource: machines, tooling, molds, even people.

Bar Coding Brochure

Every resource has a unique capacity calendar. This allows you to schedule maintenance, make short-term capacity changes such as evening or weekend work, or instantly react to unexpected problems. If a machine fails, a single change in its capacity calendar produces an immediate and corrective impact on jobs scheduled for that machine, that's a smart constraint.

Tracking jobs through your manufacturing and production process is critical for on-time deliveries and satisfied customers and tracking it in real-time is a necessity.

Using bar-coded Shop Travelers, employees scan on and off each operation, recording quantity built and scrapped making it easy to record and track scrap. You'll know instantly where the job is and whether it's on-time or if there's a bottleneck to be cleared.

With a capacity driven master schedule, real-time job tracking eliminates manual time card entry, provides you with 'up to the minute' work in process, and immediate job costing.

    Features and Benefits

  • Real-Time Master Schedule.
  • Real-Time Resource Schedule.
  • Multiple options for data based on your needs.
  • Eliminate bottlenecks before they happen.
  • One comprehensive solution for your environment.
  • Multiple shifts per resource.
  • Auto Pilot scheduling.
  • Automatic substition
  • Unlimited category assignment.
  • Unlimited resources per work center.
  • Time phasing of material.
  • Forward and backward scheduling.
  • Lead and lag times.
  • Easy to locate or fast find data.

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